Friday, 12 June 2015

Dental Myths That Can Cost You Your Precious Smile

Dentistry has come a long way; from fixing missing teeth in a day to invisible braces, there are many options available today to make our smile healthy and beautiful. Despite all the advancements, there are still many myths about dental care that can adversely affect our teeth. Read on to find out about some dental myths, brought to you by Ridgetop Dental International Pvt Ltd-the leading dental clinic in Koramangala.
If your teeth are white, you don’t need to visit a dentist
Your teeth may look white from outside, but there may be some infection or cavities hiding between your teeth, which can only be diagnosed by an expert dentist.Moreover, teeth color can vary from individual to individual, so you can still have dental problems even if your teeth are white.
Bleaching is detrimental for your teeth
It’s true that older bleaching materials were acidic and had adverse effect on enamel, but modern cosmetic dentistry uses safe bleaching methods which are pH neutral and do not  damage to teeth enamel.
Just thorough brushing is enough
Toothbrush can only clean your teeth from outside, but there are certain hard to reach places in your mouth which if left unclean, may lead to cavities, gum disease and pain. Flossing cleans those hard to reach places, giving you healthy teeth.
Once a decayed tooth is treated, it will never become decayed again
If the previous filling gets old, there are chances it may become infected with bacteria again, causing tooth decay. That’s why it is very important to regularly visit a good dentist like Ridgetop Dental International’s dentists in Koramangala, who will carefully inspect your teeth on each visit to detect dental problems before they become too complex to treat.
To avoid falling prey to such myths, it is important to discuss all your concerns with an expert dentist, like Ridgetop Dental International’s experts in Bangalore who are always happy to help their clients in the most professional manner, giving you a healthy smile that you can enjoy for years to come.
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