Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Microscopic Endodontics Benefits Explained By The Experts

If your tooth infection has reached a point where your dentist says you will require root canal treatment, then you must talk to your dentist about the latest and most advanced method of root canal treatment using microscope. Only modern dental facilities, like Ridgetop Dental International dental clinic in Bangalore have the necessary equipments and trained professionals to perform such an intricate procedure. This post by Ridgetop Dental International will enable you to understand the procedure in detail and many benefits it offers.

Understanding root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure, which is done to treat an infected pulp (pulp contains tooth nerves and blood vessels). Ridgetop Dental International’s experienced dentist in Koramangala perform root canal treatment, using modern technologies, like- microscopes, CBCT scans, digital x-rays to make the treatment faster, more comfortable and less painful for the patients. The endodontists using sophisticated instruments make an opening through the crown of the tooth and into the pulp chamber. Then, they put a special fluid into the canals to kill the bacteria responsible for infection. Finally, the debris is rinsed out and the infected pulp is removed.

How are microscopes used to perform this complex procedure?

The success of a root canal treatment greatly depends on the skills of an endodontists, but there are certain hard to reach canals that are too narrow to be detected. Using the microscopes, the expert dentists are able to view the tiniest root canals and make sure they are free from bacteria. Assessing the complexity of the case was not always easy with the traditional methods, but microscopes have made it possible for the dentists to visualize the tooth structure and perform even the most complicated surgeries with great success.

  • Helps in making accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans.
  • Reduced risk of fractures, fissures and other complications.
  • Provides multiple telescopic magnifications, thus ensuring greater success.
  • Better illumination at higher magnification.
  • No shadows.
  • Requires removal of less amount of the apex.
 Use of microscopes in endodontics have revolutionized the way complex procedures like Root Canal Treatment are performed. Ridgetop Dental International’s dental clinic in Koramangala is equipped with high resolution microscopes.

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