Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dental Crowns-All You Need To Know

There are millions of people across the globe who have had a dental crown to replace a missing tooth or strengthen a weakened tooth. A dental crown is a dental material that is applied over the crown of the tooth to provide it with protection and support. If you would like to know more about dental crowns, then here is some useful information brought to you by Ridgetop Dental International Pvt Ltd, one of the leading dental clinic in Bangalore for general dentistry & cosmetic procedures.

What is a dental crown?

The anatomy of a tooth can be divided into two basic parts -- the root and the crown. The part of the tooth that is visible in the mouth, above the gum line on lower teeth and below the gum line on upper teeth, is called the clinical crown. A cemented restoration that partially or completely covers the outside of the clinical crown is referred to as a dental crown, or cap.

When is a dental crown needed?

Here are some conditions for which the leading cosmetic dentists in Bangalore would recommend dental crowns:

1To provide strength to a large filling
2.In Root Canal Treatment
3.Cracked tooth syndrome
4.Broken Cusps
5.Undesirable appearance of teeth
6.To hold a dental bridge in place
7.To cover a dental implant
8.To make cosmetic modification

Types of dental crowns available

Crowns can be made out of a gold alloy, some other metal alloy, stainless steel, all-porcelain/all-ceramic, composite resin, zirconia, or porcelain on the outside fused to metal or zirconia on the inside.

Will there be pain?

The tooth being restored is numbed so that it isn't painful during the crown preparation. After the procedure is over and the anaesthesia has worn off, the patient may feel some sensitivity with the temporary crown or some soreness in the gums around the tooth. The pain is very minimal though and shouldn't last long.

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