Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tips To Keep Pearly Whites, White Forever!

No matter what the fashion trend this season, one fashion accessory that never goes out of vogue is-dazzling white smile.  But unfortunately, due to our poor eating and drinking habits and bad oral hygiene, our pearly whites lose their natural shine and whiteness. So, is there a way to whiten them? Yes, actually many! Ridgetop Dental International Pvt Ltd., a leading dental clinic in Bangalore, who have been helping patients get the perfect white, dazzling smile since many years explain what it takes to get a flashy white smile. Read on to find out.

Watch your diet

If you’re drinking a lot of red wine or black tea, or smoking cigarettes, expect the results to show up as not-so-pearly whites. Other culprits include colas, gravies and dark juices. Brush your teeth immediately after having foods that stain.

Go for whitening gel

While many products claim to have whitening results, only a gel will actually be able to whiten beyond surface stains.

Drink with a straw

Doing away with most of the beverages is easier said than done. Even if you can’t avoid drinking them you surely can avoid them contacting your teeth by sipping from a straw!

Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables

The abrasive quality of crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, carrots, etc. can help clean stains from your teeth.

Most-important-Visit your dentist regularly

Whatever tips you choose to follow it is of utmost importance to visit your dentist regularly. Along with the routine check-up your dentist can remove stubborn tooth stains with scaling and other tooth whitening procedures.

Before you start any sort of teeth whitening regimen, our leading dentist in koramangala recommend that you contact a professional to get the scoop on all available options. A dental expert will be the best judge of the most suitable cleansing option for your unique condition.

At Ridgetop Dental International Pvt Ltd. we ensure that all our clients get the best treatment available. Our aim is not just to provide professional care and treatment but also to provide knowledge to our clients that would help them keep their pearly whites, bright and dazzling forever. While our main office is based in Bangalore we are also recommended as a leading dentist in Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai, catering to the unique needs of our patients.

Ridgetop Dental International Pvt Ltd. is a centre for cosmetic and advanced dentistry, governed by group of highly talented individuals. The centre is equipped with high technology to take care of all your dental needs.

For teeth whitening or any other dental services, call us at-080-67489900 or visit- http://www.ridgetopdental.in/

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